New Stetter batching plant in Östringen

An extraordinary Stetter batching plant has recently been set up in Östringen, in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

V 4.0 plant

The V4-plant of W. Mayer Transportbetonwerk GmbH is equipped with two 4 m³ twin-shaft mixers, which provide for a high level of efficiency and a reliable supply of concrete in combination with a fleet of 8 m³ truck-mixers. In addition and upon customer request, the V 4.0 was outfitted with numerous, in some cases striking, equipment options from Stetter’s modular system.

W. Mayer Transportbetonwerk GmbH is a family-run company based in Oestringen / Germany (between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe) which has been active in the ready-mixed concrete industry since 1972. With the V 4.0 plant, the company is commissioning a new concrete plant at its home location in Oestringen and at the same time closing the replacement plant in Bad Schoenborn-Langenbruecken. Alongside its six cement silos, the basic system contains an aggregate silo boasting a storage volume of more than 1000 m³ with a diameter of 10.24 m. The silo is stationed on top of a fully galvanised steel structure, in which the mixers and the weighing platform are positioned.

Installing the turnkey facility also included the complete electrical system with a plant safety monitor, allowing Stetter to issue an EU declaration of conformity for the plant. This confirms that the batching plant complies with all relevant basic European health and safety requirements.

Measures to protect employees and the environment

Numerous features from Stetter’s comprehensive modular system were integrated into the V 4.0 plant. For W. Meyer Transportbeton GmbH, aspects such as the reduction of environmental pollution and exemplary occupational safety are important. The loading hall with roller shutters was therefore erected as a technical noise protection measure. As a result, the truck-mixers can be filled in an enclosed room. An exhaust extraction system serves to protect the employees. The batching plant is set up according to the “one-way” principle, meaning that all driving movements on the premises run in one direction of travel. This solution guarantees a high level of traffic safety, in addition to simplifying workflows while maintaining the same degree of efficiency.

All bands are moved into position by scanning the QR code on a delivery note, making it possible to ensure accurate dosing. This fully automated system saves a considerable amount of time and reduces the number of errors.

Concrete is also loaded according to the “one-way” principle, with the truck-mixers driving forwards beneath the batching tower and continuing forwards to drive out after being loaded. The bunker for storing the aggregates can be driven over by a semitrailer truck when delivering the various aggregates and thus also be driven forward. It is also possible to approach from the side so that the bunker can be supplied by truck-trailer combinations as well.


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