S 65 SXF new Top Model from SCHWING

Haulotte’s HA26 RTJ PRO leads rental company Want Access’s push into big end of market

S 65 SXF new Top Model from SCHWING

The S 65 SXF is a new technical design, combined with the well-known quality components from SCHWING that are used in the other size classes. One innovation is the new SXF outrigger, a combination of the proven arched SX outrigger and an additional folding element (folding = “F”). This means that for the first time a truck-mounted concrete pump of this size can be operated without the need for multiple telescopic outriggers. As a result, the SXF outrigger leads to higher stability and steadier pumping. At the same time, the S 65 SXF with a footprint of 11.58 m x 13.70 m is the smallest in this class and thus offers extended application possibilities. “Our customers also placed particular importance on the proven design in this class,” explains Jost Amersdorffer, head of sales at SCHWING. The avoidance of design experiments leads to the well-known high reliability and excellent value retention of all SCHWING concrete pumps. The enormous horizontal reach of about 60 meters, the five-section boom with DN 125 pipe all through and the new SXF outrigger provided positive demand for the S 65 SXF even before its market launch. “We have numerous enquiries and orders in our main target market, the USA. We also welcome the strong interest from Europe” Amersdorffer continued. The heart of the S 65 SXF is the long-stroke pump kit P2525. For a typical practical output capacity of around 70 m³ per hour, only 10 strokes per minute are required. This ensures quiet operation and reduces wear and tear. The assembly of the truck-mounted concrete pump S 65 SXF is carried out exclusively at the German main plant in Herne, while steel construction and cylinder production are carried out at the Austrian SCHWING plant in St. Stefan. In the USA, only complete sets without a vehicle are delivered. They are mounted there by the American subsidiary SCHWING America Inc. on customary chassis and are subject to special approval conditions.


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