Doosan Infracore Forms a Strategic Partnership with Big Data Unicorn Palantir


Partnership will accelerate digital transformation and establish a big data platform to visualize data and speed decision making

Doosan Infracore announced that it formed a strategic partnership with U.S. big data unicorn* Palantir Technologies for the first time in Korea, as part of the effort to accelerate digital transformation.

Palantir is a Silicon Valley-based big data startup that provides big data analysis platform to organizations in various fields, ranging from public sector to finance to manufacturing, to be used for arresting criminals, preventing financial risk, improving productivity and product quality, etc.

According to 2018 Inc.’s list of unicorns, Palantir is the fifth largest valued at US $20.5 billion after Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX and WeWork.

Through strategic partnership with Palantir, Doosan Infracore will build a big data platform to optimize business operation and speed up the decision making process. More specifically, the company will visualize data across businesses including sales, production, R&D, quality control, customer services, and IOT solutions “DoosanCONNECT” to establish a platform for collaboration to strengthen communication between businesses, and ultimately boost effectiveness in operation.

An official of Doosan Infracore said, “We are continuously searching for new business opportunities by working with Silicon Valley startups. Partnership with Palantir will allow Doosan Infracore to lead the way and to be the best in digital transformation in construction equipment industry.”

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