S 38 SX Reptor: Flexibility redefined

The boom concept of the new concrete pump offers a wide range of applications

Autobetonpumpen von SCHWING

With the truck-mounted concrete pump S 38 SX Reptor SCHWING newly defines the 30-meter class.

Thanks to the practical, wide boom opening angles and the resulting high flexibility, the S 38 SX shows unique boom manoeuvrability on site. Together with the many familiar and proven SCHWING standard components for concrete pumps, the new model has the makings of a best seller.

Herne, February 2017. The use of a truck-mounted concrete pump in industrial and commercial buildings needs solutions that work well in a small space and under difficult conditions. For these requirements SCHWING has re-developed and re-defined the S 38 SX Reptor with the new boom package for the 30 m boom class. Under confined working conditions, it is logical that the more flexible and ergonomic the boom can be positioned, and the more straightforward the machine is in use, the faster and safer challenging concreting can be mastered.

The key is the roll-fold and wide opening angle

High flexibility and intuitive operation are ensured by the wide, practical opening angles of the S 38 SX Reptor boom arms and the easily control roll-fold.
“During the product development we have searched for a close dialogue with our customers and worked intensively with the practical requirements of jobsite situations. The S 38 SX Reptor offers maximum versatility of use in conjunction with the SCHWING typical efficiency and reliability. The feedback from our customers confirms that we are right with this concept.” said Jost Amersdorffer, sales manager at SCHWING GmbH.

In the development of the Reptor boom, SCHWING continues, as usual, on proven concepts and without any experimenting. Thus, there are no restrictions on the service life and reliability and to maintain the value of the machine is high.

Accustomed high efficiency in operation

The patented Super-X outriggers of the S 38 SX Reptor offer full stability and low space requirement and, in conjunction with an 8×4 chassis, allow the mounting of a long stroke pump kit P2525 with 2.50 m delivery cylinders. That ensures about 20% less strokes than otherwise required in this class of pump kit. For a standard practice output rate of almost 60 m³/h, the long stroke pump kit P2525 requires no more than 8 strokes per minute.

In conjunction with the open-circuit hydraulic system, which reaches high oil flow rates even at engine speeds below 1,000 rpm, the low stroking rate decreases wear and operating costs. As with all SCHWING models the low-wear ROCK valve is used. Its geometry ensures a low- friction flow of concrete. Due to its straight design, in comparison to other concrete valves, the valve is easier and quicker to clean. It allows a direct view into the delivery cylinders and the feed piston, for the pump kit to be cleaned easily and conveniently in just two strokes. Thus, the S 38 SX Reptor has faster turn-around, with low cleaning water consumption.

There are three different chassis versions to choose from for the mounting the concrete pump. In connection with a 6×4 chassis with 4,500 mm wheelbase, an operating weight of under 26 tonnes with high mobility can be realized. The 8×4 chassis with an identical wheelbase, allows higher payloads while achieving an even smaller turning circle. If the long-stroke pump kit P2525 is chosen for further reduction of wear costs, then the concrete pump is mounted on an 8×4 chassis with 5,150 mm wheelbase.

The numerous stowage facilities for square timbers, hoses, couplings and other accessories and the wide range of variants ensures individual adaptation of the concrete pump to the customer requirements for multiple applications.
The new outrigger system EASyflex provides optimum flexibility and maximum work safety. It offers numerous outrigger combinations and enables the safe set-up of the S 38 SX Reptor confined jobsites.

Next to the intuitive VECTOR control, the SC 30 radio remote control is also available to the operator for the ideal handling on site . With at least eight hours of battery life it allows a precise boom guidance and fatigue-free work with the S 38 SX Reptor.

S 38 SX Reptor: Flexibility redefined

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