Low Emission Zone

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Haulotte is among the winners of the Mât d’Or 2020 awards

Due to the current Covid-19 expansion, Haulotte teams are encouraged to postpone business trips to the endangered regions whenever possible. However in such environment our employees decide individually whether they want to attend the trade shows or not. Therefore as a Group we made the decision to maintain our participation to the ConExpo trade show after careful consideration and relying on ConExpo’s prevention plan. Our American team is looking forward to welcome our guests and visitors on our outstanding booth F-6134 (Festival lot), such as the press conference which is still scheduled on March 10th, 2 pm.

The city of London, in order to improve air quality, now have an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In Asia, Tokyo and Singapore implemented such areas for years now, and the movement is spreading fast all around the globe.

These constraints lead to the development of environmentally friendly alternative equipment.
As CECE (Committee for European Construction Equipment) underlined it in a report :

“The new Regulation sets an ambitious timeline. It will remain a challenge to re-design the hundreds of machinery types and applications in the timeframe given; CECE is convinced that the machine manufacturing industries are committed and capable to make these necessary adjustments and contribute to improving air quality in Europe. Since meeting Stage V requirements means a significant effort for lthe European industry, European political support is needed for the promotion of clean mobile “Made in Europe” machinery on the global market. It will remain an important policy goal to align emissions regulation in at least the highest-regulated markets.

At the same time, CECE notes with concern the developments withing the internal market in the EU it, where local authorities implement own rules to combat air pollution. It’s of greatest importance that these rules respect the harmonised EU emissions limits and don’t require additional measures. The environment is best served with the deployment of the latest emissions legislation, hence a progressive renewal of the oldest machine park.”


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