Potash Export in Canada

Condition Monitoring Tool Drives Continental Conveyor Belts to Peak Performance

In terms of export volume, the port of Vancouver (Canada) is the largest in the whole of North America. © Shutterstock

– ContiPlus online service portal enables precise predictions about condition of conveyor belt and provides valuable data for efficient work processes
– Up to 2,500 tonnes of material per hour – conveyor belts have to cope with enormous loads when transporting potash

Hanover, April 2019. Technology company Continental enables more efficient processes when using belts to convey materials thanks to its ContiPlus online service portal and its related app. In Vancouver, Canada, the digital solution provides one of the country’s largest transshipment hubs of potash with important data on its conveyors that are equipped with Continental belts, consequently improving reliability in the transport quality of the material – one of the most important constituents of commercial fertilizers and crop nutrients worldwide.

The city of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast is not just important for the export of bulk materials, it is also the country’s largest port. In terms of export volume, it is even the largest in the whole of North America. One of the most important commodities for the food economy is shipped across the world from these docks: potash. This water-soluble crop nutrient is an indispensable ingredient in fertilizers and therefore of great importance for global agriculture, because fertilizers that promote healthy crop growth are becoming increasingly important in ensuring that the constantly expanding global population can also be fed in the future. Particularly since the area of land available for agricultural use is constantly shrinking, in part as a result of the growth of towns and cities, the suitable areas have to be fertilized even more efficiently and precisely.


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