PERI sells first 3D construction printer

The consistent development work of recent years is paying off

Weissenhorn/Laupheim. PERI GmbH, one of the world’s leading suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems, has been intensively involved with 3D construction printing technology for many years. The family-owned company has already acquired a stake in the Danish technology leader for 3D construction printers, COBOD, in 2018. Since then, PERI has worked intensively together with the specialists from COBOD on the further development of the technology and the opening up of new markets.

Now the consistent development work of recent years is showing success: Röser GmbH has ordered a 3D construction printer from PERI for the Laupheim site for the production of precast concrete elements. The BOD2 printer will be delivered within the next few days and put into operation on site by PERI engineers together with the Röser team.

The company Röser GmbH will use the printer at the new company location in Laupheim to print a wide variety of precast concrete parts. For the initial phase, concrete components with free design possibilities in the field of open space planning, special forms for road and underground construction, design components in building construction or stylish individual pieces of concrete are planned. Röser GmbH’s many years of experience in constructive concrete construction make the new 3D printer a long-term innovative investment for the future – with the aim of offering fewer planning limits for concrete components and being a pioneer in the market.

The BOD2 supplied by PERI is a “portal printer”, i.e. the print head moves over 3 axes on a permanently installed metal frame. The advantage: the printer can move in its frame to any position within the construction. Frequent relocation and recurring calibration is therefore not necessary. The printer is operated by only two persons. The print head and the print results are monitored by camera.

With a print speed of 1 m/s, the BOD2 is currently the fastest 3D construction printer on the market. The BOD2 needs about 5 minutes for one square meter of hollow wall.

“We at PERI are convinced of the potential of 3D construction printing”, says Thomas Imbacher, Managing Director Innovation & Marketing of the PERI Group. “Currently, many universities and companies are working to develop and industrialize this technology for different market segments, such as residential construction. At PERI, the 3D construction printing team is working at full speed on this topic and we are sure that we will soon be able to report further successes here. The sale of the first 3D construction printer to our partner and customer, Röser GmbH, is a first important step for PERI. Others will follow.”

Maximilian Röser Managing Partner of Röser GmbH, says:

“We see the development and possibilities of 3D construction printers in various industries and are convinced that they also offer enormous potential in the precast concrete industry in the long term. Röser GmbH has always been very innovative and open to new ideas and is therefore convinced that, with PERI as a partner, it will continue to develop and advance 3D concrete printing technology. We are looking forward to the long-term cooperation between PERI and Röser GmbH”.

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