CASE SiteWatch supports new AEMP Telematics Standard

CASE SiteWatch™ users can now access their CASE equipment telematics data in a standardized format on any mixed fleet software, gaining efficiency in running their fleet.

CASE Construction Equipment announced today that its CASE SiteWatch™ portal is now compliant with the new Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) 2.0/ISO-15143-3 telematics standard. An AEMP compatible portal is populated with data provided by the equipment manufacturers in a standardized format. This enables owners of a mixed fleet to access the telematics data of all their AEMP 2.0 compliant equipment in a single place, gaining efficiency in running their operation.

CASE customers can activate the new AEMP API from the CASE SiteWatch web portal, where the outbound field is easy to find. With this latest version they can monitor more elements in shorter intervals, view more data and monitor new types of parameters related to fuel, idle, engine load or speed. For deeper inquiries into a particular machine or group of CASE machines, they can find the detailed information they need on the CASE SiteWatch portal.

CASE SiteWatch remains AEMP 1.2 compliant, as well as supporting the new AEMP 2.0 standard. This new release is part of CASE’s constant improvement drive, providing customers with a telematics solution that is always more functional, and doesn’t change anything for our SiteWatch customers regarding prices or subscriptions. CASE will be responsible for the data flow from SiteWatch but not for the data integration in other software and will be open to collaborating with AEMP 2.0 compatible solutions to offer additional value to its customers.

For more information about telematics and the full breadth of CASE SiteWatch solutions, visit a CASE dealer, or join us online at

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