Carrying valuable cargo through the Chilean mines

80 MEILLER tippers in use at TAMBO

Carrying valuable cargo through the Chilean mines. Photo: Meiller

Chile is one of the most prosperous countries in South America, and one reason for this is a valuable resource – copper. This is primarily extracted in the El Teniente mine in Rancagua, the world’s largest subterranean copper mine. A network of 3,000 kilometres of drifts has been developed to access this valuable major export, and around a half a million tons of fine copper are produced from the ore mined each year. However, ore, rock and soil first need to be transported to the surface, and this calls for a haulage company with vehicles designed to do the heaviest of work and continuous operation.

80 MEILLER tippers in use at TAMBO

TAMBO is one of these companies. Established in 1988 by Mauricio González Urrutia, the business is now managed by his son, Camilo González Pendola. The fleet has grown over the years, but the focus has remained the same: mining. The family enterprise today has 120 trucks and 90 diggers at its disposal. 80 of these vehicles are fitted with MEILLER superstructures. Camilo González Pendola puts his faith in two powerful 4-axle vehicles, the Classic rear tipper H436 and 50-tons P450 which, with a nominal volume of 20 and 22 m³, can be relied upon to perform under even the harshest operating conditions. Heavyweights such as the P450 are a rare sight in Germany, as trucks weighing 50 tons are generally not permitted to use public roads.


From humble beginnings as a forge, MEILLER is a family enterprise from Munich that has developed to become a significant global player since 1850. With a history of continuous growth, MEILLER has consistently expanded its range of services and expertise and, as a system provider for innovative, high-quality tipping superstructures, become the market leader in the construction, waste management and commercial vehicle industry. MEILLER now operates ten locations in Europe and is active in numerous international markets. When it comes to tipping superstructures, MEILLER still aspires today to develop the finest technical solutions and innovations tailored to meet the demands of individual markets.

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