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Engine Idle Reduction System (EIRS)

Saving fuel, and reducing idle time are a new reality with Engine Idle Reduction System (EIRS), a simple hardware technology from Caterpillar that automatically stops and restarts engines on a frac rig. As an added bonus, there’s no operator intervention required, no negative impact on the work cycle and no adverse effects on engine.

A little frac rig knowledge – operating at idle up to 60% of the time, most run a lot of nonproductive hours while still consuming fuel. EIRS was created to not only stop the engine automatically when it’s not doing any work, but also monitors all rig systems (engine, transmission and pump) to make sure they are within a healthy temperature range.

Turning on the rig’s engine before this technology was an involved process orchestrated between an operator in the data van and onsite mechanics next to the rigs to power up the hydraulic starters. With safety as our first and biggest priority, the EIRS can now automatically restart the engine, with remote electric start, saving manpower and operating costs.

As part of the technology, EIRS’ digital outputs offer the flexibility to custom-design lights and alarms that let operators know exactly what the unit is doing and when it’s safe to approach. Cat EIRS is just another way we are using technology to solve our customers’ needs.

Check out the key components that make up the new Cat EIRS.

Caterpillar Oil & Gas highlighted this technology and more at Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas May 4-7. View the full lineup.


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