ATLAS L260: Powerful and precise loading

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ATLAS wheel loader L260 in operation at a recycling facility – sheer power in combination with a very sturdy design generates high efficiency – 14.4 ton ATLAS wheel loader at a composting job demonstrates what good performance really means

When standing next to the ATLAS wheel loader L260, you can actually feel the power and dynamics
it generates. This is not only brought about by its service weight of 14.4 tons and powerful 128
kW/174 hp engine but this impression is also given by its industry-oriented construction and features,
which are designed to cope with the toughest jobs. Powerful and precisely the L260 pushes its 2.8m³-
shovel into a compost heap. The loading movement is fast and the large shovel load is transported
at high speed to its new storage location. A strong haze rises when the large shovel is emptied, but
this does not disturb the driver in his cab because, firstly, he still has a good panoramic view due to
the sophisticated design and, secondly, the cab is equipped with air conditioning – one of the many
features which make the ATLAS wheel loader L260 the perfect machine for applications in
earthmoving, road construction, agriculture, material handling, extraction industry or, like here, in
recycling – wherever power, speed, precision, and long durability are key requirements for wheel

Many technical advantages combined

These include the sophisticated design of the L260’s loading technology: it features SP loading kinematics that combine the benefits of parallel and Z-kinematics. Although elborate, it is also extremely durable and an excellent basis for performing difficult assignments. The resilient steel chassis with high ground clearance is an ideal prerequisite for mastering such jobs. The heart of the ATLAS wheel loader is a water-cooled Cummins 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 6.7 liters and an output of 128 kW/174 hp. Equipped with two gear steps, it can travel at a speed of up 40 kmh – even with the shovel fully loaded. As an option, it can also be fitted with a particle filter.

Excellent concept for saving diesel fuel

The best basis for precise operation is a perfectly working hydraulic system. Here, the ATLAS wheel
loader L260 features a requirement-based load-sensing system with flow distribution independent of load pressure. The pump supplies 160 liters per minute at an operating pressure of 310 bar. The L260 features two travel motors. This allows powerful starting and excellent thrust at difficult jobs.

When travelling fast, one motor is simply discoupled, which reduces fuel consumption. This is controlled by the pressure on the brake pedal. Thus the motor performance can be diverted into drive or operating pressure, as required. The sophisticated ATLAS design also features a unique cooling system: the hydrostatic, temperature-controlled fan drive only works when required, which saves fuel and reduces noise. Since the air intake is placed in the low-dust area behind the driver’s cab, it only requires little effort for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, this ATLAS wheel loader can be approved for road travel, which saves transport costs.

Sturdy and expandable mast

One glance at the mast of the ATLAS wheel loader shows another benefit. The 3-point suspension
of the shovel consists of 80mm bolts and the attachment points are located right at the arm. This
and the sealed bearing points on the lift frame serve to protect the material well against wear and,
combined, all this ensures a longer service life.

In order to increase the tipping height of the standard mast, two extensions of 650 or 1,250mm can
be mounted, which allows optimum loading of trucks, for example. When using a pallet fork, stacking
heights of up to 3.94m at 9 tons of payload are possible depending on loader model. In addition,
ATLAS offers a large range of attachment tools for its wheel loaders, including universal shovel, grab
or high-tipping shovel, a fork carrier and a timber grab, to name only a few. A quick-change device
is also available.

Operating at a composting plant

Here at the K-Nord composting plant in Ganderkesee near Oldenburg/Germany, the 14.4 ton wheel
loader impressively demonstrates all its virtues. K-Nord was established in 1993, and in the
meantime the composting plant specializes, among others, on processing tree and shrub cuttings
as well as organic garden and park waste from private as well as commercial customers,
transforming all that into high-grade compost and gardening substrates. The excellent quality of the
products is verified regularly and confirmed by a RAL test certificate. Of course, all this must be
economically feasible. Therefore, precision and speed are among the key values and the ATLAS
wheel loader L260 can provide excellent support.

The ATLAS loader range includes six different heavy wheel loaders with a service weight from 9.2
tons with 74.5 kW/102 hp and 1.5m³ shovel volume all the way to 24 tons with 250 k/335 hp and
4.5m³ shovel volume. The wheel loaders are produced at the main location in Ganderkesee.
Ganderkesee, Germany

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