Liebherr makes first appearance at World of Asphalt 2019 with a L 566 XPower wheel loader that’s built to perform

Combining power, durability, efficiency and convenience with guaranteed fuel savings, the L 566 XPower ® wheel loader showing at World of Asphalt, features a 5.5 yd3 re-handling bucket, has an operating weight of 52,690 lbs. and an articulated tipping load of 35,055 lbs.

L 566 XPower wheel loader

XPower ® Driveline: Maximum efficiency

The Liebherr-XPower driveline has a power-split transmission, which brings together hydrostatic and mechanical drive paths. The interaction between these two different drives is continuously adjusted automatically to the given application. As a result, XPower ® offers the optimal level of efficiency during material loading and transport, as well as providing maximum acceleration and performance along all loading cycles – including long routes. All components are also ideally adapted to each other. XPower ® stands for maximum efficiency.

The innovative Liebherr-XPower driveline considerably increases working efficiency. Quick working cycles, high tipping loads and high machine uptime lead to increased handling capacity and higher productivity. The driveline brakes automatically. The service brake acts as a support and is therefore subject to hardly any wear.

Wheel spin on the L 566 wheel loader is prevented through continuous tractive effort control of the XPower ® driveline, combined with automatic self-locking differentials. Productivity is increased and tire wear is reduced by up to 25%.

Engine access

The safe and easy engine accessibility on the L 566 XPower ® is a must see; Not to mention the innovative SCR-only technology utilized on the Liebherr Tier 4 F 6-cylinder engine. Daily checkpoints and critical maintenance points on the loader can be reached quickly and effectively, providing faster turnarounds and higher uptimes.

Maximum Operator Comfort, More Productivity

The cab design is ergonomically designed to the operator’s day-to-say requirements. The roomy and purpose-built operator’s cab offers perfect conditions for comfortable and productive work. The operating and control instruments are well laid out and user-friendly. All operation-relevant data can be viewed quickly and efficiently. The high operating comfort allows the operator to work efficiently and safely.

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