New D-TEC tipper at Agritechnica

Trailer manufacturer D-TEC introduces its first rigid tipper trailer at the Agritechnica in Hannover.

Image: New D-TEC tipper at Agritechnica

“The tipper is equipped with an aluminium container of 58 m³, which can be discharged via the flap, the doors or the grain chute. This provides more flexibility. With this flexibility, the new tipper can meet the market demands far better,” says D-TEC director Gerrit van Vlastuin.

A low empty weight is always an important priority for D-TEC during the development of a new trailer. This was also the company’s starting point in the development of the tipper. Van Vlastuin: “Thanks to years of experience in the production of container chassis and the application of high-strength steel, we are now able to introduce to the market a lightweight tipper chassis. Constructed with an aluminium container, our tipper is the lightest solution in the market.”


An important point of focus during development was minimising the chance of falling over. “That is why we developed the tipper with a low centre of gravity and a torsion-rigid chassis with a unique strut concept. The latter greatly contributes to safety.”

Tipper for the European market

In its design, D-TEC also took into account the usability throughout Europe. “We took into account the various markets, especially in the chassis design and the development of the various container models. The result is an optimal weight distribution for the various markets,” Van Vlastuin says enthusiastically. The tipper is available with a manual covering sheet or a hydraulically operated covering sheet for covering the load.

At the Agritechnica

The new D-TEC tipper can be seen, together with a D-TEC tank trailer, at the Agritechnica in Hannover. D-TEC, Kraker and TrailerTec GmbH have a joint stand in hall 23, stand B17.

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