PERI UP – the modular system with a particularly wide range of applications

Focus on target group-compliant enhancements

PERI UP scaffold system: a modular system for all types of scaffolding and access technology. The minimum of core components remain the same in all applications – this results in a high level of utilisation and thus a high return on investment. (Graphic: PERI GmbH)

With the introduction of the PERI UP Easy facade scaffolding system in 2016, PERI complemented the PERI UP modular scaffolding kit which can be used equally for 3D scaffolding in facades as well as for more complex scaffolding constructions. PERI UP realises a wide range of applications with only a minimum number of system components. At the same time, the scaffolding system itself meets the highest safety requirements.

The most important feature of PERI UP scaffolding technology is the rosette node on the standards and frames. Horizontal components such as ledgers, guardrails and brackets can be directly connected without requiring any couplers. The range of applications makes the system interesting for all user groups – from skilled trades and construction and scaffolding industries through to users in the industrial environments such as plant construction. As PERI plans further growth in the scaffolding segment, the company also realised the required production capacities by investing in a completely new manufacturing plant.

PERI UP Easy – the name reflects the programme

The design concept of the facade scaffold system with the Easy Frame combines safety and cost-effectiveness. PERI UP Easy is characterised by its low weight enables significantly reduced assembly and dismantling times. As the guardrail for the next scaffold level is mounted with the Easy frame from the lower level without any additional components, scaffolders are secured against falling on every level without requiring any rope protection.

In the meantime, PERI UP Easy has now proven itself as a lightweight facade scaffold on many construction sites. As currently the only system with integrated safety components, it also complies with the very latest legal requirements. Since the market launch, PERI UP Easy has been continuously further developed, always with a focus on respective customer requirements. Thus, new components were created and will continue to be created in order to be able to realise additional applications with system components both quickly and efficiently.

On the one hand, PERI has developed different scaffold decking in order to meet the different requirements of the users. The portfolio now includes decks with and without access means for applications in the trades, industry and civil engineering segments which make a convincing case not only due to the low component weight but also through the improved handling. On the other hand, the PERI UP modular scaffolding kit now includes a stair system with a width of 67 cm thus matching the standard width of the PERI UP Easy facade scaffolding system.

PERI UP Flex – the solution for outstanding flexibility in scaffolding construction

With PERI UP Flex, extremely safe working platforms are realised. Due to the consistently dimensioned metric system grid of all components and the possibility of changing the direction of the decking, the modular scaffold is very adaptable in order to suit different local conditions. Through the self-securing ledger connection on the rosette and the integrated lock against lift off in the individual decks, PERI UP Flex is easy to install. During use, the end-to-end guardrails and yellow toeboards as well as the non-slip decking surface ensure a high level of work safety.

PERI UP modular scaffolding kit: less is more

Due to the special construction of the basic components, the PERI UP modular scaffolding kit combines the assembly speed of the PERI UP Easy Frame scaffold and the flexibility of the PERI UP Flex modular scaffolding to form one system. An efficient and therefore cost-effective execution of scaffolding erection work depends very much on the number of components involved. With the PERI UP modular scaffolding kit, a scaffold system is available which succeeds in combining an impressive range of functions with fewer than 500 individual components.

Regardless whether it is work, facade or safety scaffolds or indeed shoring – PERI UP covers the most common application areas of scaffolding technology with just one single system. As a result, PERI UP offers the possibility of being able to react quickly to changes in the construction process without having to change the system.

PERI UP Easy was unveiled for the first time at bauma 2016. Since then, the fast and safe facade scaffolding has firmly established itself in the market while the addition of various new components make the system even more versatile.
(Photo: PERI GmbH)

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