ULMA’s ENKOFLEX versatile shoring system featured on the banks of the Hudson River

ULMA’s ENKOFLEX versatile shoring system featured on the banks of the Hudson River

Port Imperial project is located along the Hudson River waterfront in West New York, with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. The project consists of a 10 story building that encompasses luxury residential apartments with a parking garage on the first levels.

Concrete Systems choose ULMA’s ENKOFLEX shoring system to build the concrete slabs ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 SQF. The wood beam slab formwork system is adaptable to any type of slab and height configurations. That allows the customer to build multi-level slabs at various angles in an easy way. The independent beams provide great versatility to adapt to any grid dimensions. The slabs were formed using a 7’ by 7’ grid.

The easy to use and quick to erect ENKOFLEX system, was used in conjunction with MEGAFRAME 20K shoring system in order to build shoring areas with heights up to 20ft. The rest of the areas were built using ULMA’s ALUPROP aluminum props.

MEGAFRAME, the most universally used galvanized steel frame handset shoring system, can accommodate most all shoring heights with a variety of frames. MEGAFRAME’s unique safety feature (Tie-off plate) promotes a safe working environment.

The versatility and the lightweight design of the systems helped the customer to keep the project moving as quickly as possible and within the schedule.


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