16 machines at new Beijing Daxing Airport

On May 30th, Haulotte China delivered 16 machines to the new Beijing Daxing Airport.

Haulotte HA20 LE was selected for its eco responsibility

Haulotte HA20 LE was selected for its eco responsibility

Set to open in late 2019, Beijing’s Daxing International Airport will become the world’s largest airport. For this construction, environmental aspects were placed in the centre of the project. Haulotte HA20 LE fully satisfies the environmental protection requirements as it is a reliable and environmentally friendly machine. Its all-electric architecture offers silent operation, indoors or outdoors on any surface, with no harmful emissions. The oscillating axle and 4-wheel drive provide optimal adherence and stability. Ultra-fast elevation speed, 360° continuous turret rotation and simultaneous movements improve productivity. Thanks to an optimal energy management, the HA20LE enables a full day’s work in electric mode. An on-board range extender can rapidly recharge the high-capacity batteries while the machine remains operational.

Haulotte also chosen for its wide range of lifting equipment

Besides 2 electric articulating booms, the Chinese subsidiary delivered 4 other articulating booms (HA12 IP, HA15 IP and HA41 RTJ PRO), 2 lightweight self-propelled booms 55XA, 2 vertical masts (Star 10) and 6 scissor lifts (Compact 14). «We are pleased to be part of this gigantic project, which highlights the quality of our machines and services», said Tim Mo, Marketing Manager at Haulotte China.


As an aerial work platform specialist, Haulotte manufactures and offers for sale a large range of equipment:

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