Manitowoc MLC300 is quickly gaining recognition among customers as the best crane in its class

Manitowoc MLC300

According to the Richmond, Virginia-based rental firm, the 386 USt crawler crane is now the most requested model in its 80-plus crawler crane fleet, and all its MLC300 units are already booked well into 2019.

Michelle Grubb-Solaimani, CFO of W.O. Grubb, said that the MLC300 is helping customers to save time and money on the job site for many kinds of work, including tilt-up construction.

“While performing tilt-up work, it’s very common to relocate a crane several times,” she explained. “By equipping the MLC300 with its VPC-MAX attachment, the crane travels easier on the job site and doesn’t have to be repeatedly re-set up for lifts. We used to have to use cranes with counterweight wagons for these jobs, but the MLC300 can handle the work without the additional costs of transporting a wagon and all the matting work that goes with it. There’s a good reason why our customers now request the MLC300 by name.”

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