Manitowoc presents its latest technologies at Colombia’s 8th International Load Lifting Meeting

Attendees to the event in Bogota learned about Manitowoc’s new technologies and products that are making the work at job sites much more efficient and productive.


Manitowoc’s experts also explained the company’s focus on listening to its customers and developing products that meet their needs.

A team of experts from Manitowoc Cranes in Colombia presented the company’s latest technologies and new products at the 8th International Load Lifting Meeting, which took place in Bogota on October 25. Attendees learned about new technologies developed by Manitowoc over the last few years and were introduced to modern Grove crane models that are well-suited for a wide range of jobs in Latin America. These models include the all-terrain cranes GMK5150, GMK5250L and GMK4100L-1.

The conference in Bogota was the third in a series of workshops promoted by this year’s meeting — the other two conferences were previously held in Cartagena and Cali. Fernando Camacho, regional business manager at Manitowoc for Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, said that the events presented great opportunities to talk directly to users and service providers about Manitowoc’s new equipment and technologies that are making the work at job sites much more efficient and productive.

“It’s not a surprise that the audience at all three workshops was very interested in learning about the benefits of Manitowoc’s new technologies — everybody seeks increased efficiency and higher profitability in the job site,” Camacho said. “We explained The Manitowoc Way, which puts customers in the center of our business, and our focus on listening to our customers’ needs to develop products that will meet their demands. That’s why our products increase their return on investment”.

Manitowoc’s experts introduced some of the new Grove all-terrain cranes, which are top sellers in Latin America. They presented the five-axle GMK5150 and GMK5250L, and the four-axle GMK4100L-1 mobile cranes. These cranes feature powerful lifting capacities and fast highway speeds, and their compact designs make them also easy to maneuver in narrow spaces. With such versatile cranes, contractors reduce total cost and expedite work.

The MAXbase system was one of the technologies presented at the event in Bogota. It provides users with greater set up flexibility by enabling easier access to narrow sites thanks to asymmetrical outrigger positions. This makes jobsite planning much easier and allows for improved load capacities.

“The participation of Manitowoc Cranes in such dynamic and informative meetings is crucial to strengthen customers’ loyalty to Manitowoc Cranes brands and helps us to build a much closer relationship with our end users,” said Cristian Galaz, Manitowoc’s vice president of sales for South America.

The 8th International Load Lifting Meeting is promoted by Respuesta Alterna, which is an organization in charge of inspections on lifting equipment inspection, certifying operators and promoting training on safety measures.


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