Spider Crane for Curtain Wall

SPT299 Spider Crane can be used as an Aerial Platform

SPT 299 Spider Crane

By using vacuum glass handlers hung from the hook block or installed on a searcher hook, glass can be installed where required even just beneath the roof. Another popular application for mini spider cranes in indoor, confined spaces, narrow spaces, and narrow pathway places. The SPT series was born to realize more efficient glazing works.

In comparison with traditional construction materials (bricks, concrete masonry units), the importance of glass in modern construction has been increasing steadily. Glass façades with excellent thermal and noise insolation as well as UV-protection provide the customer with important insolation advantages and benefits. The company MTD BIO, d. o. o., is aware of the importance of a green future and functionality, which is guaranteed with modern glass windows, doors and ventilation façades.

The selection of a façade system, aluminum profiles and glass is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

1. purpose of the industrial building
2. geographic position of the building
3. average wind speed
4. working conditions

other factors for proper installation of profiles and glass (light transmission, external reflection etc.)

SPT spider crane is widely used for glass lifting,facade installation, glazing installation. please refer to the following pictures.


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