WOLFF Cranes shape Munich’s cityscape of the future

WOLFF Cranes shape Munich’s cityscape of the future

Never have so many people lived in Munich. And the Bavarian capital continues to grow: By 2030 it will be home to 1.8 million residents. Numerous WOLFF cranes are currently in operation across the city on trendsetting residential developments to accommodate the increasing population..

Munich – February 7, 2019. WOLFF Cranes build residential area in the Kulturquadrat

Four WOLFF cranes are helping to build the new urban center of Neuperlach in the southeast of Munich. They are in operation on the residential complex Loge No. 1 which is part of the mixed used Kulturquadrat project. The contractor Bau in Form GmbH is using the top-slewing WOLFF Cranes to build a modern condominium in a district with lots of stores, cafés, numerous green spaces and a culture center. Thanks to their compact design and maximum lifting capacities of 8.5 and 12 tons, as well as their jib radius of 50 meters, the free-standing clear cranes, WOLFF 6031.8 and WOLFF 6031.12, are perfect for lifting formwork and prefab concrete elements in an urban setting. Hoist speeds of 115 m/min to 170 m/min ensure a rapid building process and timely project completion. In order to guarantee sufficient stability of the freestanding cranes, they were set up on cross frames with ballast weights of up to 70 tons. Two different size cross frames were used: the WOLFF KR 10-46 with an external dimension of 5.1 meters, as well as the WOLFF KR 10-46/60, with an external dimension of 6.5 meters that is achieved by adding extensions to the WOLFF KR 10-46.

WOLFF cranes at work at the old ice factory in the Au district

Three further WOLFF cranes are currently operating right next to the Paulaner Brewery’s listed location where Carl von Linde’s ice machine used to produce ice for cooling the storage cellars from 1881 to the 1960s. Painted in the corporate yellow of the contractor Hans Holzner Baugesellschaft mbH they sit on the edge of a very cramped construction site right next to a residential area. The WOLFF 7532 is fitted with a 12-ton winch and has a tip load capacity of 4 tons at a 70 meter jib radius. The two clear WOLFF 6015.8 and WOLFF 6031, have jib lengths of 47.5 meters and 62.5 meters respectively. Thanks to their set up in a triangle the can reach every corner of the construction site.

WOLFF territory Werksviertel Mitte

The Werksviertel Mitte, also known as the creative quarter in the city’s east, is one of Munich’s most exciting construction sites, where modern architecture meets industrial buildings of the past. This being so, a WOLFF 6023 clear and a WOLFF 7532 cross are building WERK4 on behalf of HOCHTIEF, integrating the former potato silo of the Pfanni factory into a new 86 meters high hotel and hostel complex. The old silo will continue to be used as an indoor climbing hall inside the hotel tower.


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