Electric articulating boom HA20 LE PRO entices the German market

HA20 LE PRO is welcomed and supported in Germany

Electric articulating boom HA20 LE PRO entices the German market

INDUMA-Rent, a Stuttgart-based equipment rental company, received its first 100% electric all-terrain HA20 LE PRO boom in early July. A total of thirteen new Haulotte machines will be delivered by October 2019.

PULSEO machines are welcomed and supported in Germany

Dominik Dejon, General Manager of INDUMA-Rent, was immediately enticed by the new generation of PULSEO mobile elevating platforms at Intermat in 2018. «The HA20 LE PRO has a feature that does not appear in any technical sheet: it triggers the enthusiasm! Beyond its impressive technical performance, this all-terrain electric boom addresses tomorrow’s challenges» he exclaimed. Eco-responsibility, versatility, high productivity, optimum safety and easy maintenance: these are the key benefits of PULSEO machines. The HA20 LE PRO is also characterised by its optimal energy management. High-capacity batteries and the ability to lower the basket by the force of gravity with no power consumption provide the electric autonomy for a full day’s work. In addition to Haulotte latest innovations, Haulotte Activ’Energy Management system extends the lifespan of the batteries and optimizes charge cycles.

HA20 LE PRO is environmentally friendly and offers a quiet experience for people nearby

HA20 LE PRO’s electric design lets you work with no harmful emissions. It offers a clean alternative for companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint and adapts to low emission zones and “green” construction sites. «PULSEO machines keep a low acoustic profile in any situation. They can be used in city centers, public places or low-noise areas, such as hospitals» said Sven Willmann, Sales Manager at Haulotte Germany. «INDUMA-Rent offers quality products and services. Thanks to the Haulotte HA20 LE PRO, we contribute concretely and actively to the reduction of particles» added Dominik Dejon.


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