Infrastructure is advancing. And as we look to technology there are three important ways technology today is significantly helping rail, roads, and transit.

Technology is helping it become:

Case in point: Hyperloop. Founded in 2013, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is comprised of a team of 800 engineers and technologists in 52 multidisciplinary teams. The company is focusing on creating a new transportation system that can move people and goods at much faster speeds—all in a manner that is both safe and sustainable.

The company is working with cities and organizations all across the globe to bring this technology to infrastructure systems worldwide.

One of the more recent examples is in Europe. HyperloopTT is working with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to begin the process for a planned Hyperloop system. The agreement was signed in the Ukraine capital of Kiev and is in line with the nation’s National Transport Strategy of Ukraine 2030 initiative.

HyperloopTT will work with the Ministry of Transportation to begin planning the construction of the system, which will be built in phases. The first phase includes a 10 km track that will be used to create the required legal framework to certify the system before being extended into a broader Hyperloop network. The project will be financed as a public-private partnership after the completion of that initial study.

This is only one example too. HyperloopTT is working with a number of cities across the globe to bring its transportation system to many areas. As technology such as this continues to emerge, construction companies will help build smarter and safer infrastructure projects in along our rail, roads and transit.

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