Paving large widths with the SUPER 3000-3i

Impressively wide, incredibly accurate

Tried and tested combination: HAMM tandem rollers of the HD+ and DV series were responsible for compaction.

Asphalt as far as the eye can see: working on the A93 motorway in Bavaria at a width of 11.6 m, the SUPER 3000-3i and SB 350 screed were still operating way below their maximum pave width.

Rehabilitating the A93 motorway at Marktredwitz, Bavaria: the SUPER 3000-3i tracked paver demonstrated its astounding qualities, accurately paving a surface 11.6 m wide. The SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed was responsible for the impressive surface quality. The product duo from market leader VÖGELE can manage a maximum pave width of 18 m and celebrated its world premiere at the Bauma 2019 trade fair in Munich.

Paving without joints across a width of 11.6 m

A high-quality material was used to resurface a section of the A93 motorway. Leading technology, too. A VÖGELE SUPER 3000-3i tracked paver with the TP1 version of the SB 350 screed processed the SMA 8 S stone mastic asphalt material. The surface course was paved 11.6 m wide without joints, meaning that two lanes, including hard shoulder, were produced in just one paving pass.

Even so, the powerful VÖGELE combination was still operating way below the maximum possible. On a section of around 6 km, the VÖGELE flagship was supported by an MT 3000-2i Offset material feeder – as is specified on such large job sites in Germany to ensure as continuous as possible a supply of material.

Tolerance range of ±2 mm mastered

Over and above the benefits of paving without joints, the precision of VÖGELE engineering is a particularly convincing feature. Accuracy of ± 2 mm had to be maintained. “It was incredible to see how sensitively this huge machine works. The screed weighs tonnes and yet still does everything exactly as it is supposed to,” says Uwe Münzel, senior foreman for asphalt paving at Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH based in Cham.

For grade and slope control, the paving team was able to rely on the interaction between VÖGELE’s Niveltronic Plus System for Automated Grade and Slope Control and the Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system – especially as a Big MultiPlex Ski was fitted to both the left and right-hand sides of the paver Three multi-cell sonic sensors on each side scanned the roadbase – in this case the newly-paved binder course – and formed a mean value. This allowed a tolerance range of just ±2 mm to be maintained on the A93 job site.

Highlights of the SUPER 3000-3i
Maximum pave width 18m
Laydown rate up to 1,800t/h
Powerful and fuel-efficient 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 354kW
Innovative material handling system ensures optimum transfer of mix, even at layer thicknesses of up to 50 cm
Heavy-Duty kit effectively counteracts abrasive wear

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