World premiere – new, innovative asphalt transfer within the BENNINGHOVEN mixing plant ECO

The newly developed and patent-pending alternating chute unit on the type ECO asphalt mixing plant celebrates its world première at Intermat 2018 in Paris

Transportable asphalt mixing plant in container design – type ECO with a 3t mixer, a mixing capacity of up to 240t/h and a mixed material storage silo of 110 t.

Benninghoven presents the ECO system concept at Intermat for the first time. The type ECO asphalt mixing plant in capacity sizes from 100 – 320 t/h combines state-of-the-art, innovative Benninghoven technologies and a high standard of manufacturing in compact container sizes. This ensures maximum mobility and flexibility: type ECO systems can be operated as stationary plants, but can also handle fast location changes without problems.

Because all main components are designed in ISO standard container dimensions (20 or 40 foot), transport by lorry, ship or rail is easy. The strength of the plants is their ability to be transported worldwide and that they can be designed as simply, cost-efficiently and effectively as possible. The powerful plants with fixed options ensure optimum mixture quality.

As all Benninghoven plants, the ECO plants feature maintenance-friendly, high-quality and durable components. In detail, the increased ease of maintenance means: large service openings, optimum illumination of the work and maintenance areas through LED technology, an intuitive traffic light lubrication plan, very good accessibility in all areas, availability of an electric and compressed air connection for tools and maintenance work, surrounding 800 mm walking and work platform width – to name just a few.

Experience the heart of any asphalt mixing plant live – the weighing and mixing section and the new alternating chute container of the ECO plant range.

Asphalt transfer within the plant with alternating chute unit

Benninghoven has always relied on the loading skip technology as a link between mixer and loading silo, whereby the skip volume corresponds to the volume of the mixer. The mixer drains the asphalt vertically downwards into the skip, the skip then positions itself vertically above the targeted loading silo pocket and again drains the stored mixed goods vertically downwards. This is a proven technology for excluding segregations in the mixed goods.

For the new ECO asphalt mixing plant range, Benninghoven has now developed a new, more cost-efficient alternative to the skip track and had it patented. The new alternating chute unit features a purely mechanical structure which is therefore not subject to malfunctions. A new smart design means that no sensor system, motors, brakes, etc. are required, while worldwide functional reliability is ensured. Another point worth mentioning is the fast and load-free positioning for silo selection. Separation effects in the end product are minimised through active cross mixing in the material transfer on the one hand, while on the other hand the proven geometry of the Benninghoven loading mixed materials storage silos ensures mass flow instead of core flow, which also prevents segregation in the mixed goods.

Weighing and mixing section

Best mixed goods quality thanks to optimum fill level of the mixer and optimum mixing through the generously dimensioned mixer geometry. From plant size ECO 2000, all weighing and mixing sections are already equipped with the following interfaces: cold and hot recycling feed, bag feed, foam bitumen, granulate feed, fibrous material feed and adhesive feed. Whether from the outset or for retrofitting later on – the plant is already prepared with all interfaces.

Additional highlights of the exhibited weighing and mixing section:

– Key transfer system for increased safety
– Large service opening on the mixer cabinet, H x W = 600 x 1200 mm
– Individual colour options (from standard to individual)
– Transport-optimised container dimensions
– Purge air cleaning on the IR temperature sensor (reliable measurement of asphalt temperature)
– Central compressed air maintenance unit (oiler and separator/filter)
– Modular expansion of functions through BUS system
– Selection option between plug-in cables and permanent cable connections
– Weighing of white mineral not sensitive to disturbances (e.g. through water hammer) thanks to special scales design
– Optimum mineral scales utilisation also in bypass operation Control system BLS 3000

The presented BLS 3000 system control also has convincing features such as simple, intuitive operation, a clear structure and realistic visualisation. The production process and the plant components are displayed in real time on just two screens. Recipe management, job processing and statistics are self-explanatory.

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