Lightweights Must Still Pack Power

LANGENTHAL – Power should never be overlooked when assessing lightweight equipment.

Amman Picture: Rammax_1585

The most manoeuvrable, precise compactor will be useless if it doesn’t have the muscle needed to get the job done.

The weight of the machine, combined with the amplitude and vibration frequency, provide the power that drives the plates and drums into the ground and compacts the materials. Lightweight compactors must work on a variety of materials including soil, aggregate and asphalt. The machines must have the necessary compaction forces to succeed in any and all of these applications.

Both productivity and quality result from the energy the machines create. Properly powered equipment reaches its targets more quickly and ensures consistent coverage of all materials.

Ammann lightweight equipment provides exceptional power throughout the complete lineup. Two lightweight products in particular stand out in terms of compaction force: Ammann APH Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate Compactors and Ammann ARR Trench Rollers.

APH Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate Compactors

These powerful lightweight compactors are the heaviest in the Ammann vibratory plate lineup. Their weight, combined with strong amplitude created by the generously designed exciter unit, helps deliver exceptional compaction power to the ground. Their weight can also create challenges, which led Ammann to develop the proprietary triple-shaft exciter system for their heaviest plates.

Without the triple-shaft exciter system, heavy vibratory plate compactors tend to jump and land with their weight – and a plate edge – pointing in a downward direction. This can cause the machine to dig into the surface, which makes it likely to get stuck – or, at the very least, makes it difficult for the operator to control. This is of particular concern for heavier plate compactors with significant compaction force.

Ammann all but eliminated this counterproductive jumping with the introduction of the triple-shaft exciter system on Ammann Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate Compactors ranging from 360 kg to 780 kg. The third shaft not only balances the machine, it also boosts the pure compaction punch of the machines.

Previously, the plate compactors had two vibratory shafts that rotated to drive compaction force into the ground. The addition of the third shaft, located in the center of the system, balances the other shafts. There is still some up-and-down movement, but it is much smoother, keeping the plate in a horizontal position and preventing its edge from burrowing into the materials. This is particularly important when working on wet or loose materials, where conventional plates tend to dig themselves into the ground.

The triple-shaft system provides yet another significant benefit: Its steady movement also makes the machines exceptional climbers.

The patent-protected system is a unique advantage of the Ammann APH line, giving the machines the extra power and control they are known for in the market.

ARR Trench Rollers

Ammann ARR Trench Rollers are appreciated for their ability to reach difficult locations and perform when they get there – even in cohesive soil types that can be difficult to compact.

Power, provided in the form of a circular vibrator, is the key to their success. The ARR 1575 and ARR 1585 are able to overcome the high moisture content in clays through their extreme compaction energy and the tamping effect of their padfoot drums. The machines perform effectively and quickly on less challenging soils, too.

The ARR 1585, which follows a skid-steer concept, is the strongest machine on the market in terms of pure compaction power. It is often sent, via remote control, into trenches and other challenging locations.

The ARR 1575 also brings plenty of power – and more nuance when needed. The machine is often used in more sensitive areas, such as when working over pipes or near buildings. Two amplitude settings provide the proper compaction touch for the jobsite, allowing a reduction in the compaction force when working in sensitive surroundings.

Both machines offer a low centre of gravity, which ensures the vibratory forces reach their target, and a robust design that can handle the harsh conditions the rollers often face.

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