Sturdy machines for stable reinforcing cages

The cage welding machine from apilion can process up to 24 longitudinal bars with a max. thickness of 25 mm.

A long-standing Middle Eastern customer of Züblin Maschinen- und Anlagenbau needs sturdy machines for the production of reinforcing cages for its bored pile production. The successor to Züblin Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH, apilion machines + services, which started business in mid-November 2011, also stands for sturdy machines and high-quality products. The customer very recently approached the reinforcement machine specialists from Kehl am Rhein with concrete requirements and requests. The customer-specific requirements in a machine were realised during several discussions between equal partners.

The main technical features of this machine include the fact that up to 24 longitudinal wires with a max. diameter of 25 mm each can be fed from the rear side. However, this type of machine is flexibly designed that both more and also thicker longitudinal wires can be processed without problem.
The longitudinal bars are held by special clamping devices on an abutment that moves on a fixed track and are pulled in the longitudinal direction according to the welding speed.

The bundle wire coil is placed directly on the face plate rotating around the reinforcing cage. The bundle wire is wound around the longitudinal bars and welded at the intersections. The result is a reinforcement cage that is straight and twist-free over its entire length. The finished reinforcing cage is lowered by means of lowerable cage supports following the end of production and is discharged either to the left or the right as desired.

The reinforcements in lengths of up to 24 metres are manufactured using the middle frequency resistance spot-welding technique that is well-known and proven in the automotive industry. This technology leads to high production outputs with low energy consumption and very good welding results. The costs for wearing parts can also be much lower when using this technology.

Later, on the building site, these cylindrical bored pile reinforcements with a diameter of 230 to 1,600 mm and a maximum length of 24 metres are placed into predrilled holes in the earth, but still protrude a considerable distance out of the ground.

The hole is subsequently filled with concrete. The protruding reinforcement is shortened and provides for the subsequent bond with the concrete foundation slab. apilion was able to completely fulfil the customer’s specifications and requests with the new cage welding machine. The company name may have changed, but the quality and the dedication of the employees are still the same. Thus the team from apilion machines + services was able to prove its expertise as a reliable partner under its new name too.

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