The exclusive ENTECO multipurpose tilting Rotary: this and more at BAUMA 2019: our special edition

What will we present at BAUMA? …something totally new for the foundation equipment industry.

E6050 LM-SP240

Maximum optimization of time and resources, site safety, quick change in foundation technology and ease of transportation: these are the features on which Enteco has always focused its cutting-edge Research and Development activities. These are exactly the main advantages of our exclusive Patents that will be presented for the first time in Munich – at BAUMA – from April 8th to the April 14th. This will certainly be a special edition for us, that will allow us to show you our latest innovations… something totally new for the foundation equipment industry.

To welcome you at the stand FN 523/12 there’ll be our E6050LM rig: completely redesigned in 2019, equipped with the SP (Soil Displacement) drilling Kit and the LM Kit (LONG MAST), a unique ENTECO Patent, which provides a considerably longer stroke of the rotary head. A compact rig (operating weight up to 58 ton) for piles up to 32 meters depth.

Next to the E6050LM, for the first time, ENTECO will be presenting the multi-purpose, self-erecting drilling rig E9080 DTHR300 with an exclusive multipurpose rotary head (320 kNm max torque) and carriage with the new hydraulically operated tilting device. The rotary head swings 90° from vertical in order to tilt the drillrods forward and insert the casing horizontally with the aid of the auxiliary winch: up to 24 m of casings can be set up in one go, without the time-consuming process of welding the casing sections. It’s a technology in which ENTECO has always led the field: we have experienced on site an increase in productivity up to 4 times compared to the traditional method.

LATEST! Not only Large Diameter DTHR: the exclusive multipurpose rotary head with 90° tilting device is suitable for all the others technologies, without any modification. SEE IT LIVE, STAND FN 523/12 – Outdoor Area.


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