Two reinforcement cage welding machines for Strabag International’s major project in Abu Dhabi

Hoop Welding Machine

In spring 2012, Strabag International ordered an ASMS 150 reinforcement cage welding machine and an SMS 300 reinforcement cage welding machine from apilion machines + services GmbH in Kehl, formerly Züblin Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, for a major wastewater project in Abu Dhabi.
The scope of the contract for these machines, which were delivered in July 2012, also included accessories such as the entire vibration equipment for the customer-made moulds used in the production of cured-in-the-mould jacking pipes.

The project in Abu Dhabi, with a contract value of approximately € 300 million, is being carried out in partnership with the tunnel building department of Ed. Züblin AG, Singapore. This involves installing about 51 km of sewage pipes ranging in diameter from 200 mm to 3,100 mm at a depth of between 8 m and 26 m using the pipe-jacking method. A period of 39 months has been allowed for the implementation of this major project in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with its more than 1 million inhabitants.

Strabag, with its traditionally strong presence in the Middle East, was able to prevail in the tender for the project. They were happy to put their trust in apilion’s reinforcement cage welding machines, proven over decades, for the manufacture of the reinforcement cages for the technically demanding jacking pipes.

The ASMS 150 reinforcement cage welding machine is essentially characterized by the automatic feed of longitudinal wires, which are drawn directly from wire coils during production of the cage. This fully automatic machine is unique in the market and is capable of producing reinforcement cages of any length, with or without a bell socket. With a view to possible future pipe production, a very high output of pipes with small nominal diameters was of enormous importance to the customer.

With the SMS 300-36 reinforcement cage welding machine, the 36 longitudinal wires are inserted manually into the machine. The machine is suitable for the production of reinforced cages ranging in diameter from 350 mm to 3,600 mm and with a maximum length of 4,000 mm.

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